Stratosphere Striker – SAM (Cat)

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Black Laborary, Stratosphere Striker : SAM

Main mission is to explore and collect resources from space. The space force constantly searches for new source of energy and transfer the energy into destroy weapons. Meanwhile, set up secret military bases in space.
The Stratosphere Striker – Sam
Sam is equipped with heavy weapon. In space, this weapon fires turbulent laser source from the energy collected from outer space. While landing, the weapon turns into a titanium mega saber.
While Sam operates on ground, he will remove his space suit for better agile. This force is the best equipped force in Germany. Cost most to operate, this force also has the smallest operation team.
Sam’s gene is combined with cat during Black Laborary project. He has the best acuity of all.

Size and figure details:

-1:6 scale, 30 cm tall fully action body, and highly detailed paint and weathering effect

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