Army Ranger – 13 (Reindeer)

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Black Laborary Ghost Combat Unit/ Long horned Reindeer is an army ranger of Black Laborary.

Test No. 00X Army Ranger / Ghost Combat Unit.


Animal genetic and attribute advantages:

Long horned Reindeer’s gene was used to transform outstanding army personnel, observation and investigation capabilities.


Assigned duties:

The Ghost Combat Unit is mainly responsible for performing mountainous environment surveys and special terrain operations, and has special adaptability in mountain operations.


Equipment configuration:

Armed with light combat equipment and equipped with weapons as a lightweight backpack suitable for mountain terrain.

On the other hand, the backpack provides supplies of weapons and energy which also serve as weapons.

Taking into account the changing terrain of the mountain operations, the Ghost Combat Unit’s weapons can freely switch the length of the weapon according to different fighting needs. When there is a short battle, it can be switched to a short assault weapon; it can also be switched to grow in the distance of the jungle. The gun mode accurately shoots the target.


Experimental staff information:

Experiment number: 00X Name of the experimenter: 13 Former effective troops: WWII Youth League


Incumbent Force:

Army Ranger Army department/ Ghost Combat Unit


Personal information:

A protagonist of the war in the original 13 former World War II German Youth League, outstanding record rated in the WWII Youth League. Due to the physique and deer gene adaptation, he was assigned to Black Laboratory Study group executive and deer program. It is also the youngest experimental body in the black lab.

Size and figure details:

-1:6 scale, 30 cm tall fully action body, and highly detailed paint and weathering effect

Additional information

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