The Beetle Brothers

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Sato Shogo and Hasegawa Tatsuno are members of the secret hitman organization, 悪犬組 ‘Evil Dog’, from Yokohama, Japan. They are both bloodthirsty murderer. In addition to their daily assassination missions, they also share common metamorphosis hobbies of dismembering corpses and collecting organs, therefore they became partners. The ‘Evil Dog’ also possesses drugs that utilize genetic technology, and experiments on the two. Therefore Sato Shogo and Hasegawa Tatsuno possess the genes from historical notorious murderers.

(For details content of genetic drugs, please see Chapter 1 of the Shark Brothers)
Sato Shogo / Artisan of dismembered art / Jack the Ripper Gene Transplanter.
The genetic prototype of Sato Shogo is the sensational serial killer from London in 1888, Jack the Ripper. Jack killed six prostitutes in a phased manner and in a cruel way. Up until now, nobody had been able to find the whereabouts of Jack the Ripper.

Sato Shogo is also an expert in cold weapons and knives. As an outstanding member of the assassination group, he uses various kinds of knives as his killing tools. Another hobby of Sato Shogo is dismemberment. He believes that dismemberment is also an art with deep glamour. Cutting the body and exposing the organs will give him unlimited surprises and love from the delicate texture of muscles and blood vessels. He brought this twisted art to countless innocent people. When it rains, he would wear a raincoat and stand in the corner of the street waiting for the arrival of female prey.

Hasegawa Tatsuno / Devil’s Organs Collector / Amakusa Shiro Tokisada Gene Transplanter

The gene prototype of Hasegawa Tatsuno is the men who possesses supernatural power from the end of Warring States Period in Japan, “Godlike” Amakusa Shiro Tokisada. Amakusa Shiro Tokisada has the ability to control the mind of people, and he had countless believers and followers during the time. In a historical event, he and his believers were collectively martyred.

Hasegawa Tatsuno is a scavenger of bloodstains and traces at the crime scene. No matter how bloody and stained the scene is, it would be cleaned up without leaving a single trace. He would destroy the corpse by distributing and dissolving the body properly. Sato Shogo would be the first to enter the scene; and Hasegawa Tatsuno would follow and eliminate all traces left behind, including anyone associated with the incident.

Hasegawa Tatsuno / Devil’s Organs Collection Package

Hasegawa Tatsuno has a very distorted metamorphosis hobby. He likes to collect organs and limbs of girls. He would take out the girl’s organs and store them in a bag; and specially treat the limbs for storage. He also cut off the girl’s limbs and then cure her with special treatment; and carefully raised her to become his own unique pet.

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