Burning Souls: Crimson ~ Blue

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The second  lineup of the Burning Souls : Crimson ~ Blue!

Incorporated ancient armor. mechanical elements and mystic symbols into the design, the “Burning Souls” series is feast of the eyes that is totally different from other releases. Following the release of Crimson ~ Red, Blue is Red’s battle companion, specialized in raged attach with firs power, which Red specialized in close range combat.

Inspired by the Fujin, the Japanese God of the Wind, Crimson Blue features a fierce looking head-sculpt represents the formidability and menace of the character. Both face mask and body armor are removable to review mechanical detail inside. Real fur has been used for the hair to enhance realism and easy for collectors to create different looks as they prefer!

Scale  1 : 6 Sixth Scale
SPECIAL FEATURES -Detailed Head sculpt of mechanical interpretation of the Burning Souls : Blue.

-Removal face mask to reveal mechanical details inside

WEAPON – “Kanabo”
– “8000 Souls” Gatling Gun Consists of removable parts- “Ammo Belt”
– “Demon Bomb”
ACCESSORIES – Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Box (wooden box containing statue inside with mechanical interior structure)

– Bag of Fujin
-“Wind Rider” (Aviation vehicle of mini Blue Demo)
-The “Soul Lab” mechanical platform


Watch the latest promo video clip🎥 of the Burning Souls – Blue 🥶 to feel the heat 🔥!Stay tuned as the preorder will be started very soon!燃魂シリーズ「青鬼」🥶の最新プロモビデオ🎥を公開!🔥燃えていいのは魂だけだ! 事前予約もそろそろ展開!お見逃すな!#darkcrowntoys#burningsouls

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