Air Strike Force – Виктор (Falcon)

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Black Laborary Ghost Combat Unit/ Long horned Reindeer is an army ranger of Black Laborary.

Night Ghost Airborne / Air Strike Force (Falcon)

Animal Genes & It’s Attributes:

Falcon not only has excellent eyesight which can see miles away, it can also fly at high speed and change direction rapidly which allows instant assault on it’s prey. Because of all these attributes, falcon has great command of the air and elite air force personnel were chosen to genetically modified with falcon genes.

Task Responsibility:

In view of it’s superior command of the air and combat capability, falcon main task is to conduct air surveillance on enemy territory and air to surface assault.

Weapon and Equipment:

He is equipped with heavy artillery such as howitzer. He is also equip with latest advance German technology flying machine which consists of multiple hydraulic turbine which can generate powerful speed instantly. It wings is also aerodynamically designed to provide maximum speed and at the same time act as shield to defend during combat.

 Experimenter Information:

Experiment No.: G08 (Night Ghost Airborne – Air Strike Force)
Experimenter Name: Виктор (Former WWII German Air Force)

5) Personal Information:

Виктор is a Russian. He was a spy collecting German Air Force information and technology for the Russian army. Eventually he was discovered by the Germans and was scientifically brain washed through major brain modification. All past memories were erased and now he pledged his loyalty to the Germans. He was also the first Black Laborary’s experimental success in face cosmetic surgery and major brain modification.

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