Heavy Armor Defense and Ground Suppression Force – Adrian (Brown Bear)

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Heavy Armor Defense and Ground Suppression Force (Brown Bear) is eighth Black Laborary Series figure.

1) Animal Genes & It’s Attributes:

Ingesting brown bear gene into the body of an excellent army member so that he can have a strong physique of a browm bear which has anti-impact ability. He can resist light to moderate armed firepower.

2) Task Responsibity:

Heavy Armor Defense and Ground Suppression Force mainly responsible for resisting the light and medium armed fire damage of the enemy during execution of a mission. They are also required to quickly establish a high mobility defense on the front line and cooperate with the reloading attack force to carry out mandatory tactical attacks and heavy firepower annihilation.

3) Weapon and Equipment:

He is equipped with high-strength armour body gear to resist against light to medium sized firepower. The armour gives maximum protection to the body without affecting the range of movement. The chest armor is partially loaded with small-launched grenades which are used to clear small scale enemies, and armed vehicles.

He has also a large tactical shield to improve the high mobility defense level of the fire suppression stage. Large tactical shield improves his whole body defense mechanism to a state of without flaws. High powered flash light at the front of the shield can make enemy stunned instantly and causes short-term vision loss.

His main weapon is a large size reloaded special grenade launcher equipped with high explosive grenades. Since the weapon is only loaded with fewer bullets, it is only used to remove small scale enemies and armed vehicles.

Additional weapon includes is a portable and compact revolver which can be used flexibly with tactical shield. Shoulder armour are designed to be used as a hand defense shield in the form of a brown bear attack.

4) Experimenter Information:

Experiment No.: P01 (Heavy Armor Defense and Ground Suppression Force)
Experimenter Name: Adrian (Former European Military Police Force)

5) Personal Information:

Adrian is a European. Before joining the German Army, he was a member of Military Police Department whose job is to suppress rioters. During his time with the German Army and because of his relatively strong and burly body, he was selected into the Heavy Armor Defense and Ground Suppression Force and genetically implant with brown bear genes under Black Laborary project.

Translation by Jang@DesignToys 

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