Burning Souls Ch 2: Immortal Shura – Kagekura

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“Burning Soul” Series Chapter 2 Immortal Shura  

Dark Crown Toys, as the culmination of this year, produced the second chapter of the burning soul, the first work- “Kagekura”, with the ninja character as the main creative theme.

The biggest challenge was how to incorporate new ideas into the image of a ninja that everyone knows.

At the same time as setting the character as the ninja leader, advanced assassination and ninja methods. I included these design elements in this figure.

Scale  1 : 6 Sixth Scale
WEAPON – “Katana”
– “sai”- “Kunai”
– “Shuriken” x 3
ACCESSORIES – Interchangeable Mask x 2

  • Interchangeable head parts


The new body reveals  a ninja’s well-trained body shape, pursuing further mobility and posing.


Alloy armor-

Brass is used for the armor, helmet, and mask.


Head modeling-

In order to better express the expression of the figure, we have prepared two head shapes. In the obsessive state (human face modeling), the eyes move, and in the madness state (runaway mode modeling), the eyes emit light. Furthermore, in the crazy state, the lower jaw part is also designed to be movable so that the expression of the figure can be expressed more richly. Hannya, Shura, and Black Snake Helmet are included as accessories to cover the head, so you can enjoy your favorite facial expressions and poses.

​Weapons and accessories-

Inheriting the traditional Burning Soul series, the abundant weapons and tools that are customary, and incorporating more elaborate metal crafts. Due to the burning soul modification of the body, the internal structure of the removable part has been drawn with great care. The body can be remodeled into a burning soul, and the details inside the wholesale part can still be engraved in detail. An armor and a removable cloak are attached to the entire model. Furthermore, as with “Miracle Ancient Documents”, magnets are used for the ankle parts to further strengthen the performance of the figure itself to stand independently. The display effect without a stand is even better.

Immortal Shura Exclusive Item -Giant Soul Samurai

The special pedestal of this work incorporates the elements of the Jomon pattern into the third skull, expressing perfect dark aesthetics. If you display it together with the figure, the atmosphere of the sculpture will be more accentuated.

Our goal has always been to provide collectors with a higher end collection.

Not only that. This privilege adds the fun of collecting elements. By combining all the benefits of all the characters in Chapter 2, the perfect body of the giant soul samurai is completed.

The preview image is not the final version, but when you have everything, this unique work of art will give you a completely different view of the world from other collections.

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