Heavy Armor Special Assault Combat Troops – Sato Akatora (Tiger)

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Heavy Armor Defense and Ground Suppression Force (Brown Bear) is eighth Black Laborary Series figure.

Purgatory / Heavy Armor Special Assault Combat Unit / Red Tiger is ninth Black Laborary Series figure. (Not counting 5th Anniversary Reindeer Figure). He is another modern character for the modern days.

Purgatory / Heavy Armor Special Assault Combat Unit / Red Tiger is under laboratory experiment for Black Laborary Heavy Special Combat Unit.
Experiment No. Q1 Special Operations Force – Heavy Armor Special Assault Operations Group.

Animal Genes & Its Attributes:

The Elite Force are ingested with tiger genes so that they can possess the strong physique and keen nerves of a tiger. Furthermore, tiger has the powerful aggressiveness of the king of beasts.

Task Responsibility:

Purgatory / Heavy Armor Special Assault Combat Troops / Red Tiger will only be dispatched for high level combat mission which require heavy assaults that can cause devastating damages to the enemies. With great ability to adapt all-terrain environment at ease, Red Tiger can quickly enter the front line, carry out a powerful ground attack and form a perfect tactical coordination of offense and defense with the Heavy Armor Defense and Ground Suppression Force Brown Bear.

Weapon and Equipment:

He is equipped with high strength armor against light and medium armed firepower attack which gives the body maximum protection without affecting the range of motion. Because Red Tiger is equipped with offensive tactical armor, the hydraulic device is often at its optimum limit which will produce excessive heat. Hence, the armor is designed with multiple vents to allow heat to dissipate quickly in order to ensure the armor can operate efficiently at optimal level. In order to respond to different battle requirements, armor pieces can also be combined with shoulder armor to form lightweight tactical battle equipment. The main weapon is an all-terrain combat launcher that can be interchanged into a short range weapons like a flamethrower or a long bayonet. The secondary weapon is a katana.

 Experimenter Information:

Experiment No.: Q1 (Heavy Armor Special Assault Combat Unit)
Experimenter Name: Sato Akatora (佐藤赤虎)

5) Personal Information:

Sato Akatora is a Japanese, he was a aircraft repairman before joining the German army. Due to his strong physique and excellent kendo skill and also the sole survivor of an undisclosed mission, he was the army elite force shortlisted to participate in Black Laborary genetic transplantation with tiger’s gene.

Translation by Jang@DesignToys 

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