501S613 WITCH SERVICE COMPANY Grainne the Geis Witch

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Grainne bounced along the Dubrough Mansion, with her feet light as wind and the purple neon shining in her eyes like the stars. Drawn by her eyes, the passers-by got a boiling brain.
How many people have accepted her geis today? “Good evening everyone — and welcome to Grainne’s live studio!” Glennie beamed into the camera with a crescent-like smile. She took off her wand with a quick flick and unfolded it, which then emitted a violet glow. As the wand fluttered, Grainne drew a magic matrix lightly in the air. Silent as she was, everyone attracted to her by her eyes seem to hear her whispering to them. Her voice echoed in their hearts like a nightingale and made it impossible for them to refuse her invitation.
It was Grainne’s ancient magic. The heavy geis “I do” could be successfully conjured even by meditation in the heart. Although they did not lose their mind, their soul and heart belong to this Geis Witch Grainne. Their sanity will be stripped away bit by bit into magic dedicated to Grainne, gradually becoming walking dead until death came. When they came to themselves, the crescent moon was like a hook in the dark night and the dawn had not yet come, but Grainne has vanished.
Scale  1 : 6 Sixth Scale
  • movable eyes
  • Translucent White hooded Coat
  • Variable magic wand
  • Magic wand Briefcase
  • interchangeable hands part

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