HUNTERS : Day After WWlll – White Ghost

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At the window. Compelling light, a city tinged with red! A girl standing blankly beside her dead parents….
A dream that was like a life sentence continued since that day.

In the afternoon after the thunderstorm had cleared away, a cloud of dark dust once again covered the sun as if the sun belonged to it, and just as the ground was slowly turning dark…
I pack my equipment, which is like my other half, together as always, and move together with that group.

The rigid rifle body that has not changed over all these years, and the oak scent of the butt plate covered in soil always offer a sense of stability.
I tend to move around only in relatively dark places, but the white mask contrasts strikingly in the shadows, making it conspicuous. On the other hand, in contrast, the petty bandits in the region keep away, so it is effective in keeping troublesome guys away

They call me the White Ghost and they scatter, scared out of their wits.

After intruding and taking position,
a streak of light shines from in between the clouds and building hidden in the dark, and as the mask glass is about to turn red, I become one with the mounted sight.
They call me a veteran, but even to this day, I still have old habits in me that I can’t get rid of.
Some time ago, during the Battle of Wonderland, I received rifle upgrade parts and a gift in return. It is the bulldog type of ground drone right next to me now. At which point, it has become a reliable reinforcement of mine.
On the outskirts of the Southern Black Earth, where a massive skyscraper is entangled like crumpled paper, Shelter No. is 1 built underground!

Although the cause is to block the forces intruding into Shelter No. 1 where the civilian and the girl are staying and to protect the shelter through derangement,
at the same time, I have one and only goal.
Preventing those who would harm the girl!
That is my duty that will never change!

There will be no mercy for
anyone who interferes.

Scale  1 : 6 Sixth Scale
PRODUCT SIZE Approximately L 200mm W 200mm H 420mm (Including Diorama Base)
SPECIAL FEATURES Newly developed original designed head sculpt and make-up
Highly detailed original designed realistic equipment
Sophisticated tailored and designed outfits
Newly designed and developed female body with over 30 points of articulations
Highly detailed POLYSTONE diorama base (Approx. 420mm tall, including figure)
WEAPON 1 Set of Knife & sheath

2 Revolver pistols and holsters

1 Customized Rifle

ACCESSORIES 1 Pair of Gloves – Basic pose
1 Pair of Gloves – Holding the Rifle
1 Pair of Calf Guard
1 Pair of Shoes
1 Bandanna
1 Cartridge belt
1 Shoulder pad
1 Pair of Arm pads
1 Body Armor
1 Necklace
1 Gas Mask
2 Oxygen tanks
1 Bamboo hat
1 Tactical vest
1 Water bottle
2 Revolver pistols and holsters
1 Set of Knife & sheath
1 pair of Glasses
1 Bulldog type Robot equipped with LED eyes
1 Bulldog-shape Mask
1 Information collecting device
1 Cloak
1 Diorama Base
1 Grenade
2 Bags


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