Heavy Armoured Battle Force – Heracles (Gorilla)

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Heavy Armored Battle Force ( Gorilla) is tenth Black Laborary Series figure.
Heavy Armoured Battle Force / Gorilla belongs to Black Laborary Heavy Amoured Mountain Army Regiment, also will be the last instalment of Black Lab’s Heavy Amoured Trilogy.
Animal Genes & Its Attributes:
Genetically modified Gorilla’s genes were ingested to the elite member of the army force to enhance their upper muscle and body strength just like the attribute of a gorilla which has strong arms and a majestic physique.
Task Responsibility:
Heavy Armoured Battle Force / Gorilla is primarily responsible for high-level close quarters combat. They will only be deployed to assist other heavy amoured troops when the combat environment has complex terrain.
With the ability to adapt to complex terrain, they have the capability to perform a destructively strike on designated target at close range. Heavy Armoured Battle Forces are the most heavily armoured among the armoured troops and during their teactical cooperation, their main responsibility is to cover for other armoured troops and clearing obstacles.
Weapon and Equipment:
In order to provide the greatest protection, they are equipped with heavy weight high strength armour among the heavy armed troops. Due to the tremendous weight of the armour, their movements are affected, hence, the armours are equipped with auxiliary power devices on the legs and hands to supply more power so that they can move easily.
Their heads are also protected with armoured mask giving maximum protection to their face.
The main weapons are two giant robotic arms which can release all the energy generated from the power auxiliary devices from both wrist. With the high powered robotic arms, they can cause a crushing blow to the opponent with a single punch. However, due to the large size of the robotic palm, and fingers, they cannot use weapons during battle.
Experimenter Information:
Experiment No.: NH004 (Heavy Armoured Battle Force)
Experimenter Name: Heracles
Personal Information:
Heracles served in the Mountain Combat Division before joining the German Army.
In the Black Laborary transformation plan, he was selected to genetically transform with the Gorilla then joined German Army’s Heavy Armoured Battle Force Division combat unit. Heracles is his army unit name, derived from the Greek mythology. Heracles has strong built, powerful, and adept at martial arts.

Translation by Jang@DesignToys 

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