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Background story of “Mister FUJITA’s otaku fantasy life” : Mister Fujuta himself is an otaku and he is passionate in figures, games and Military freak. He is also obssessed of two-dimensional fiction girl, as well as the game ‘Metal Gear’. He spends most of the time at home or hang out with his friends at Akiba. His biggest interest in life is to immerse in his own fantasy world.
In Mister Fujita’s fantasy world, he imagine himself fighting and eliminating enemies in a war of doomsday with powerful weapons and alongside with the robotic girl You Ko he created.
The concept of You Ko’s appearance is based on the two-dimensional fictional girl. Besides being Mister Fujuta’s partner, she supplies huge ammunition and is the greatest spiritual comforter of Mister Fujita indeed she is the ideal girlfriend type in his fantasy world.

The clue among the Shark Brothers
One day Shark Brothers appeared in Mister Fujita’s life. They told him a stunning secret that what he has done and his believes is not fantasized but it is real. In the olden days, where Mister Fujita was tributed to the mercenary as an elite army, the Shark Brothers, Abukawa Mukage and Makino Musashi were his allies. In fact Mister Fujita is a scientist of research and development of firearms and combat machinery equipment; also an excellent marksman. After his accomplishment, the mercenary have injected a neuralyzer to Mister Fujita to erase his memory about his tribute to the mercenary. As he returned to his real life he assumes himself as someone who fantasizes in his own world and an idle otaku.
Mister Fujita’s original background: A vigorous American legend marksman, Billy The Kid a western cowboy who drives out the rascals and protect the people; although some saids he’s an outlaws who homicided 21 people.
In regards to the knowledge of firearms and combat machinery of Mister Fujita is undefeatable, the very moment when he realize his past he brought the robotic girl, You Ko who he created along with the Shark Brothers; together starting their journey to vengeance the mercenary.

Size and figure details:

-1:6 scale, 30 cm tall fully action body, and highly detailed paint and weathering effect

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