Collaboration with DIMENSION TOYS – Post-Apocalyptic Survivor POLAR DAY

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Autumn sunshine and sunset make you want to go into the nature and camp outdoors. BLACK 13 PARK and DIMENSION TOYS bring you a new limited masterpiece –   Post-apocalyptic Survivor.
The human race has gone through a catastrophe of virus and radiation, only a small number of people rely on their strong survival experience and practical skills to survive, continue to search for foods and supplies, fight against the harsh environment, and embark on the journey of the post-apocalyptic world.
Story line:
After the apocalypse, the body of his brother and sister suffered radiation syndrome and brain stem necrosis, it turns out both of them are being in vegetative state. But he will not take no for an answer, and searched every abandoned hospitals by a long shot to build medical devices to hold his brother and sister’s vital organs, monitoring their vital signs during his long journey.

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