What is 3A / Threezero?

ThreeA was founded in 2008, an award winning Toy, Entertainment, and Publishing company founded by artist Ashley Wood and Hong Kong toy maker Kim Fung Wong. ThreeA is known internationally for their intricately detailed and uniquely designed original and licensed multi-scaled collectible toy lines.

Threezero a new brand that was created 2 years after the introduction of ThreeA, they collaborate with many companies and artists to develop new product. The most famous joint activity was  in 2013 that threezero worked closely with Bandai to make Full Metal Ghost figure and lately threezero acquired the license for AMC’s The Walking Dead and will be making 1/6th scale collectibles, based on critically acclaimed series.


スリーゼロは、香港を拠点とするフィギュア・メーカー。創設者であるキム・フン・ウォン(Kim Fung Wong/王剣峰)は、香港のデザイナー・フィギュアのスタイルを確立させた初期のプロデューサーの一人であり、2000年頃に1/6スケールのフィギュア用に特殊部隊の各種装備を作り始め、またこれらのフィギュア向けにダイキャスト製の武器も製造し、その先駆者となった。その後1/6スケール・フィギュアのみならず、デザイナー・ビニール・コレクティブルズも手掛け、活動の幅を広げていった。

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